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Purple: general categories or stratification; turquoise: combination of treatments or other systemic treatments; white: other aspects of management; blue: systemic anticancer therapy. ALN, axillary lymph node; c, clinical; ChT, chemotherapy; CPG, Clinical Practice Guideline; DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ; EBC, early breast cancer; ET, endocrine therapy; HER2, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2; HR, hormone receptor; N, node; OFS, ovarian function suppression; T, tumour; TNBC, triple-negative breast cancer; RT, radiotherapy.

  • aSee Figure 3 for management of ALN involvement and Figures 4-7 for systemic therapy according to breast cancer subtype. Recommendations for special situations (elderly patients, male breast cancer and DCIS) are described in the CPG text.
  • bBisphosphonates are approved for treating bone metastases and osteoporosis and not for prevention of relapse.
  • c If ChT is indicated it may be given in the neoadjuvant setting.